Gypsy Cafe

Monty at the machine

Gypsy Cafe is a great place for morning coffee and snacks run from the Gypsy Tapas House premises. Open from Mon-Fri 6.30am-12pm and Saturday 9am-12pm we offer a range of coffees and alternative tea and coffee options including our brewed chai lattes, cardammon spiced coffee, turkish coffee and turkish tea!

Also provided are a small range of food stuffs including but not limited to: toasted sandwiches, muffins and baklava.

Why not grab an iced lemon turkish tea while you pull up your laptop for a bit of study? Come have a chill on a hot day in our beautiful garden off the beaten track and away from the traffic.

See what muffins and snacks we have available for the day by visiting and following the cafe’s dedicated instagram page

The garden seating area is a great place to have a quiet out of the way workshop or meeting of up to 30 people. To make arrangements call Monty on 0422 563 234